Russian marriage agencies

Are There any Honest Russian Marriage Agencies Left?

Honest Russian marriage agencies? It is almost impossible to find a good agency these days. Agencies turned to all sorts of scams to maintain some revenue, therefore an honest Russian marriage agency is practically an oxymoron.

The reasons for this are that the major motivations for most Russian women looking for a Western partner after the fall of the Soviet Union was seeking stability and security. With the consequent explosion of dating & marriage agencies shortly after. Now with an improving Russian and Ukrainian economy most RW, particularly those from large cities like Moscow and St Petersburg are more stable and financially secure. There is basically very little need. What is left can be found on social sites like VK and Mamba.

Now, for agencies most are scammers these days, of course, but not all.


One option is an “English speaking speed dating” event like they have in Moscow or St Petersburg. That may suit you if you fly out in person.


As someone who lived in USSR during Cold War, I can tell that the situation in Russia now is not even close to what was going on in Brezhnev’s times (I wouldn’t even mention Stalin’s times). One can travel freely, exchange foreign currency, own an apartment, start their own business etc. There’s still a freedom of press in Russia. Go to Эхо Москвы or телеканал Дождь and you’ll see stuff that even in Brezhnev’s time would get you jailed at the spot. In Stalin’s time those guys wouldn’t survive a single day physically. And under Putin they can live more or less happily and do their job.

Propaganda doesn’t feed women, nor it helps them to find decent partners. So I wouldn’t be putting too much weight on it. Also the propaganda is mostly anti-American, so if you live in any other country, it shouldn’t even be your slightest concern. Even if you are an American, still you have to realize that people in Russia hold different opinions. And you might meet a woman who’s not affected by the propaganda. Keep in mind that those who are under influence of propaganda won’t be trying to meet you in a first place. That way if she’s willing to date you and possibly emigrate, then obviously she doesn’t believe the propaganda. There are close to 150M people in Russia, so even if 20% don’t believe the propaganda, it’s already about 30M people. Whole Ukraine is about 40M. And I’m 200% sure that in Ukraine you can find people who are not less brainwashed than some locals, since lot of Ukrainians watch the same Russian TV stations. So statistically, if there are about 30M people in Russia who aren’t brainwashed then what’s the problem if you just need to find one woman?

I disagree that nowadays the economic situation in Russia is so great and stable. People lose jobs, ruble plummeted and prices grow. Where I live if you earn an average salary, you can only rent a cheap studio apartment, eat and almost all of your money is gone. If you earn an average US salary and rent a studio apartment and eat, you still have about 50% of the money left. But it’s not just money. It’s a quality of medical services etc. Incomparable. Away from Moscow even doctors earn about US$150 per month. It’s nothing. Literally.

Also it’s not easy for an average looking local woman to find a decent partner for marriage. So it all comes down to who you are and your demands in a potential partner. In Ukraine the economic situation is more desperate, so it might be somewhat easier to find women for marriage, but those women just want to escape Ukraine. They might not even like you (I won’t even mention love). If a Russian woman is willing to marry you, chances are she at least likes you and not just your passport. My Russian wife doesn’t want to go anywhere, though an average salary in my country of citizenship is FIVE times higher Russian average. Let alone medical services and etc.

Concerning attitudes, I think some RW have gotten a bit more anti-West and are more skeptical, as well as defensive of Putin, Crimea situation etc.

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