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Are Ukrainian women wanting to leave Ukraine?

Guys are always asking this question? Are Ukrainian women desperate to leave the country. Well, like most things in life the answer will vary woman to woman and the reasons are many.

The current situation in Ukraine has deteriorated with the pressure from Russian backed forces so the economy is in a shambles. It is nowhere close to the fall of the Soviet Union though and Ukrainians are a proud people by nature.

A high percentage of Ukrainians would like to emigrate to another country where the economy is in better shape. But this holds true to many countries of the World right now and it’s not limited to only single girls. Families, entrepreneurs, men, and anybody who is driven or adventurous enough to pursue a better life.

We know a professor who is desperately seeking a overseas because the economy is so bad in Ukraine.  He is willing to accept any kind of teaching job.

Some girls are just looking for a mule. But many are just looking for love and if financial security comes with that then no harm done.

Is it possible to win a Ukrainian woman’s heart?  Absolutely.  It’s possible she is just looking for a mule also.

When I met my wife we discussed me moving to Ukraine. She asked me if I was open to it. I had a good job at the time so the discussion turned to her moving to the US, but we still discuss living in Ukraine from time to time.

We know women who would like to relocate. Some have the opportunity but do not fidn the right guy, so pass on that chance given to them. Love is more important to them than a well off man.

Some women are gold diggers or green card girls and will jump at the chance to use someone as they see fit. There are opportunists in life and they are not limited to Ukraine.

With risk comes reward.  You won’t get the reward if you are afraid of the risk. Go find her!


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