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Can you still find good Ucrainian girls in the FSU?

There was a time after the fall of the Soviet Union that American and European men went to Eastern Europe to find a Russian bride.  Some men went for the beauty, some men went because there were not enough good women back home, and some went to take advantage of the situation and crashed economy. At that time Eastern Europe was a very different place.

I believe that 15-20 years ago women where desperate to get out of the FSU and would accept almost any guy who was their best option for a ticket out.  Many times they would move on to greener pastures after a few years and a green card.   There are still lots of women who would be more than willing to marry a good guy and move to America or where ever he was from.  But this was 25 years ago, and with the fall of communism in Eastern Europe the region was in an economic disaster. So, the question at hand is “can you still find good Ucrainian girls?”


The short answer is a resounding yes.

Traditional and beautiful women can still be found, but that also holds true for many other countries in the World including the US. The problem is always that there are not enough good women to go around or it is harder to meet them.



What is different now in Eastern Europe compared to the West?

Has the idea of finding a good wife in Eastern Europe evolved to the same thing as finding decent wife in New York or Kansas?  There are party girls in both cultures. Plastic surgery and botox is commonplace these days.  Gold diggers and materialistic women abound in all cultures.

However, I know very well the level of knowledge that girls in the USA and Canada have in their 20’s and 30’s and it is simply not comparable.  Add in the culture of reading for pleasure that even less-serious FSU girls will engage in, and over time they will pull ahead on the scale even more.


In other words I feel there is still hope. It is not over.


It is still possible to find a woman today with more beauty, intelligence, education, and in shape in the former Soviet Union than in the US for most men. Your economic power and ability to provide the woman with opportunities here that they could not have there allow this in some cases. And yes, although the initial contact will be made because you have the economics and she has the looks, it is very possible that the two of you can build a successful relationship including eventual love.

If you are a normal guy who is in his forties years old and make a good income and are looking for a 37 year old, slim, sexy, educated woman who isn’t politically correct then the FSU is for you.

Ucrainian girls from the FSU do not see their existence without a man. Having “a good husband” is still numero uno on the list of women’s wants and desires in Eastern Europe, as opposed women in the West who have other priorities.


American girls are taught that you do not need a man to be successful.

Ukrainian girls are taught they should find a successful man so you can be successful, together.

So, to answer your question……”Is my chance at finding a Ucrainian girl over?”  – It most definitely is not.



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