gorgeous russian girls

Gorgeous Russian girls love flowers

Flowers are an important part of gorgeous Russian girls lives. There is no way around it and escape is futile. Don’t even try. Just give in to the dark side and make it your man duty to comply should you be lucky enough to date or marry one of these beautiful women.

My first trip over to Ukraine I noticed flower stall and shops on practically every street corner. This speaks volumes as to the importance in the culture in that part of the World. The women are still feminine and appreciate a little romance and tenderness, something that has been lost to many in the West. They still appreciate a little chivalry, and expect it from a man.

Gorgeous Russian girls are used to getting flowers. Part of it is a cultural thing. Back home in Eastern Europe the men give women flowers all the time while courting. And many times it is not a couple roses, but a large bouquet of several dozen. Keep in mind it is bad luck to give an even number of roses. So a dozen is out, make it an odd number like 13. Better yet, make it 25 red roses to play it safe.

Come the 8th of March, otherwise known as Women’s Day in Eastern Europe women are given flowers in appreciation. This may be the second most important holiday of the year. Make sure you do not forget this one and let your other half down. You might single handedly let mankind down for missing this event.

Just like most women gorgeous Russian girls like to feel appreciated and loved. This is something that seems to be universal. It never hurts to surprise your beloved with flowers for no reason. Just let her know you care and that she is the most beautiful woman in the World to you. Trust me, it works. And this small act of love carriesĀ  lot of weight in a relationship.

Now get out there and buy some flowers for her!


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