Hot blonde Russian women

Hot blond Russian women


I have always been fascinated by hot blond Russian women. They are stunning and elegant creatures. Foreign to us men in the West. We know so little about them, yet are drawn to their beautiful and feminine looks. They seem to have something women in the West have lost. Something we as men crave instinctively.

It is no surprise that us men in the West are attracted to women from the ex Soviet States. They seem to have what many women in the West have lost. The basic fundamentals that men are drawn to.


What makes blond Russian women so appealing to us men?

First we must ask ourselves if all the stories you hear online about these women from the East are true. Of course it all depends on the individual but yes, to an extent many are. There is usually some truth to everything. Most are still feminine, something women in the West have lost.

Family is important like many of the dating sites lead you to believe. Russian women work hard at maintaining their family values. They are generally seen as the pillar of the family. Strong, yet still feminine, Russian women are the glue that binds family. There is a Ukrainian saying. “The man is the head of the household, but the woman is the neck, and she tells the head which direction to look.”

There is a saying that men laugh about. “Cozy home and tasty dishes.” While we find it funny there is actually truth to the saying. All women like to “nest” and Russian women are no different. They like a nice, clean, and cozy home. Pretty basic nature for women. And Russian women do love to make tasty dishes. Russian culture has many culinary dishes which involve quite a bit of time to prepare.




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