hot Russian ass

A hot Russian ass is made in the gym

If you want a hot Russian ass you need to go hit the gym. You don’t build a tight and toned popka while sitting on the sofa. Neither by watching movies and eating pizza. Tight popkas are made in the gym and with the proper diet.

You need to train hard, and dial your diet in to perfection. Squats, lunges, and cardio become a part of your weekly routine and the Russian girls love their yoga classes. Go for a jog or take a  long walk in the morning. Incorporate more activities into your daily routine. Reduce your carbs  in favor of lean meats and vegetables. Asparagus, kale and broccoli become your new best friends. Salmon or chicken breast is whats for dinner at night. Eliminate soda from your diet and replace it with protein shakes or green smoothies. Eating a salad with chicken or fish are added to the diet and natural supplements are taken. Taking fish oil, CLA, probiotics, and other supplements are taken to help speed the process.

If you want a hot Russian ass there are no shortcuts. It takes hard work, determination, and sacrifice.

If  you put the hard work in it all pays off. All those lunges and squats in the gym begin to form that perfect hot Russian ass that sets you apart from the crowd. The kind of popka that guys oggle and makes their jaw drop as you walk by. A perky and tight rear that fills out the tight jeans and sets the bar when you walk down the beach in your new bikini.

All the hard work has paid off and now you have a hot Russian ass.

Popkas and Shashlik









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