hot Russian brides

What are hot Russian brides looking for?


Guys always ask me what hot Russian brides are looking for. Maybe it’s the fact that my wife is uber hot that makes me an authority on the topic.

The reality is that it differs from woman to woman just like anywhere else in the world. To lump all hot Russian brides together would be ridiculous. They are individuals and are each looking for something different.

Sure you have your gold diggers and your GCG (green card girls) out there. But my feelings are that they not as common as you may think. You have to ask yourself “why would a woman leave her country and fly halfway across the world?”

You don’t think there are wealthy men in Russia and Ukraine? Think again.

Not as much opportunity in their home countries? Possibly, but most of these hot Russian brides were happy back home. They had family and friends surrounding them. In many cases deeper friendships than they might be able to cultivate in a new and foreign country.

The reality is that I cannot tell you what each of the women are looking for. I have no idea.

I can tell you what my wife was looking for though.

She was looking for a nice guy. Someone who cares for her and treats her well.

A fun guy who takes her out and does things with her. One she can experience new things with in life and enjoy them together. Travel, love, and laugh together. Raise a family and be the stalwart man she deserves.

Someone who is funny and makes her laugh and keeps her on her toes. Ok, so I fail quite often at this one, but I was able to trick her here.

She has no desire for a green card and she has turned down the offer for money more than once I can imagine. There are things more important in life than that to her.

As you see, hot Russian brides are not necessarily looking for what you may think. Not all of them at least.

Choose wisely and you may end up lucky in your search as well.


Popkas and Shashlik



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