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Do Beautiful Russian Women Make Good Wives?

Beautiful Russian women make the best wives in the world. There is no way around it. Besides their amazing beauty they have characteristics that hold the above many Western women in modern society. Some of it is is of course hype by the dating agencies, and of course all women are different, but there is still a lot of truth to the following reasons.


Beautiful Russian women do make the best wives.


Russian Women are Family Oriented


Russian women are extremely family oriented. Russian women are very nurturing and care deeply about their families and children. Unlike in the Western world, Russian women value family and kids more than a career. They want the best for the family and home. They always are very attentive and make sure that everybody in the household gets enough attention and care. Russian women value extended family and traditions. They are conscious of and eager for the challenge of a family. Most significantly, Russian women are grounded and realistic in their expectations. Sure you will find some that are materialistic, but find the right woman and you will have hit a gold mine.


Russian Women are Beautiful


They are extremely beautiful. I do not need to tell you about their famed beauty. You can see it for yourself. Russian women are world famous for their supermodel look and beauty. On a scale of 1-10 they are 12’s. Russian ladies will spare no expense to look amazing.  It doesn’t matter how much time and effort it takes. You’ll frequently see Russian women touching up their make-up every hour looking for a deal on a new pair of high heels to wear out that night.  And Russian women are always known for bringing home new clothing for her man so he looks good beside her in her new dress.


Russian Women are Feminine


Beautiful Russian women are proud of their femininity.  They know and are not afraid to use it as well.   This ius one of the main reasons foreign men fall in love with Russian women. They are tired of Westernized women and are attracted to a woman more in tune with her true self. Russian women know their of beauty and embrace it. Besides, there’s nothing better than a Russian lady trying to please her other half.


Russian Ladies Love to Cook Tasty Dishes


Beautiful Russian girls love to cook for their man.  Having a Russian wife means you will never go hungry. They kno how to cook and large meals are the norm in the former Soviet Union.  From salads to borsch you will try it all. Herring in fur coat is one of my personal favorites. I do have a weakness for Napoleon cake as well though…. Your Russian wife will most likely use a voluminous amount of mayonnaise with everything, but you will get used to it.


Beautiful Russian Women are also Tough


Although they appear tender and delicate Russian women are strong. Both mentally and physically. There is a famous Russian proverb from a Tolstoy novel that says  “Don’t be an asshole. Otherwise a Russian woman will find you and kill you.” A Russian woman will do everything she can for the one she loves. But, despite the strength of Russian women, they are always looking for a man to share their lives with. So keep that in mind when you see the next Russian beauty walking down the street.






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