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Five Revelations a Hot Russian Lives in the House

There are some dead giveaways a hot Russian is living in a home. I live with one so can attest to these.


  • You find¬†lingerie strewn all over the house. In the dirty clothes hamper, bathroom doorknob, on top of the dryer, almost anywhere you can think. The possibilities are endless. You see, many Russian women love lingerie and have more than you can imagine. They walk around the house in it, cook in it, and constantly shop for it online. There are obvious upsides to this.
  • Strange dairy products appear in the fridge. Things you never knew existed begin to form out of nowhere on the shelves in the fridge. Kefir, sour milk, five gallon jugs of mayo, cultured probiotic yogurts, and smetana to name a few. As Americans we find some of these unusual and even startling. Will you get sick from sour milk? It goes against all the rules we were taught here and screams food poisoning. Some turnout to be quite good for you like kefir.
  • Shoes. Yes, I know you are going to say “well most women love shoes” but Russian women really love shoes. Nice ones. With high heels. Flats, wedges, boots, you name it you will find them in the closet, front door, living room, hall closet and even in your closet evicting your favorite pair of sneakers under your bed.
  • Your house is clean. Cleaner than it ever was as a bachelor. Your friends wonder what the heck happened to you. It has become a cozy home with photos on the walls, comfy carpets, and nicer furniture than you would normally have sprung for. And this is good.
  • You had no idea there were so many types of cosmetics and makeup until you walk into the bathroom. Lotions, face creams, lipsticks, cleansers, anti this, detox that. The shelves are full, the medicine cabinet looks like an aisle at at Target and the dresser is resplendent with good smellies and whatchamacallits. But there is a hot Russian in the house. No room to complain.


See how many of the points you agree with and leave feedback below. Maybe I missed one or two good ones?



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