Russian Ladies

How to Dress to Impress the Russian Ladies

Many guys always ask me what to wear when visiting the FSU in order to impress the hot Russian ladies. It is a fact that they do expect a bit more effort be put into your clothing style and appearance. They are European and expect you to have a bit of style and not look sloppy when meeting them.


The number one rule is to be yourself and dress according to your age, personal taste, and comfort level.


With that being said here are a few pointers that can help you ensure your first date or meeting do not go awry. By following these basic directions you will have a leg up on the competition and may land that smoking hot kova you have been dreaming of.

A nice pair of pants are essential

A couple pairs of nicer dark jeans go a long way and are really versatile. They look great with sport coats, form fitting short-sleeve muscle type of shirts, or a button up shirt sans tie. I bring two of these types of jeans and also a couple of dressier slacks (not suit formal per se) for nice dinners, theater, etc. Types of slacks can include twill or wool pants, darker colors, and tighter fitting than regular khaki-type Dockers. Black or dark jeans if dressy or stylish.  Stay away from baggy cuts, Russian women prefer a tighter or more tailored fit.

Shorts are usually not a good idea unless you are in a city like Odessa on the beach during the summer months. Then you can be a bit more casual.


Nice Shirts and Coats are Crucial

Nice polos, stylish form fitted t-shirts and button up collared shirts are usually the best route to take. A nice button down shirt is always a good option. T-shirts are fine as long as they aren’t the cheap kind. A brand name tighter fit t-shirt is good if you are in shape. I am personally not a sport coat type of guy, but many women will appreciate a nice coat. Ties are not really necessary. In cooler months a nice sweater or light jacket can be worn. In winter a stylish winter coat should be used. Color coordinate the coats with slacks obviously.


A nice pair of shoes will impress the Russian ladies

Shoes matter a lot in the FSU.  Minimum is Rockports, but a nice leather shoe is better. Go for more pointed at toe rather than square cut often seen in USA.  Wingtips or ones with pierced leather not recommended – you will get them dusty from all the walking and they are a PITA to clean. Make sure you have a good pair that is broken in. You will be doing a lot of walking. Think dressy but comfortable enough to do some walking in and yet still looks sharp with a nice pair of jeans or slacks. Give them a thorough polishing before you leave. Even if they are new you will want to to protect them from the inevitable abuse they will take from the dirty FSU streets. Then pack one of those really convenient sponge polishers to touch them up before leaving on a date. Designate those as your FSU dating shoes and don’t use them at home so they stay newer looking. Of course, you can pack a pair of casual shoes as well to use when not on a date, but try to stay away from bright sneakers in the interest of blending in.

Have your socks match your shoes or the shirt you’re wearing but make sure that they aren’t “holy”.  You will be expected to remove your shoes when going to someone’s home

Women notice the shoes a man wears, and especially moreso in the FSU. A nice pair of shoes can catch her attention, so plan accordingly.

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