Russian females

Russian females love to walk

Russian females love taking long walks. The walk after dinner to “jiggle off the fat” as they say. I am told by the Russian women I know it should be at least 30 minutes of walking after dinner. Try to circumvent this one and you may have the wrath of a Russian woman on your hands.

Russian females love to walk  to spend time with you. They love to walk hand in hand and spend tie with the man they love. This is important to them. Deny a Russian women this small pleasure and there will be repercussions. Best to not find out.

Russian girls love to walk and talk with their friends. They love to chat about the many things on their mind. They like to walk through parks and along the beach. Walks with children and infants in strollers for fresh air

Russian women love to walk and shop. What woman doesn’t I suppose? They love to take walks and explore new places. They love walking and showing off their new high heels. And most of all they love long walks with someone special by their side.

Popkas and Shashlik


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