russian mail order brides cost

Russian mail order brides cost how much?

You may have always wondered what┬áRussian mail order brides cost. Well, let’s be frank, Russian women are not for sale. Unless you are looking for one that will provide services and pass something along that will send you to the doctor. The days of Russian mail order brides have come and gone. After the fall of the Soviet Union many were looking to escape a bad situation, but those days have passed. You may still find a few Russian women who are looking for a wealthy sugar daddy or who want a green card, or even escape a bad situation. Bit generally I would advise you to avoid those types of women. Not much good can come from it.

So what is Russian mail order brides cost to bring one to the US?


That may be the better question to ask. Well, you are not going to like the answer probably. It is not cheap. In fact it can get very expensive. The average cost ranges from around twenty to fifty thousand dollars is my estimate. Some men are able to do it for much less, while others try for many years and break over the 100,000 dollar mark. The cheapest I have seen someone pull it off for is probably around five thousand dollars. And to be honest, I do not think they are even married anymore.


What makes pursuing Russian mail order brides so costly?

To start many of the dating sites charge a subscription fee or a translation fee for each letter exchanged. While weeding out the legitimate women and websites from the scammers you can initially spend quite a bit of money trying to find a compatible woman.

Next up are the visits to Russia or Ukraine. Unless you happen to live in Europe, they can be quite costly. For most men the first trip is not a success. Either the woman does not show up, or the chemistry is simply not there. For many men it is a costly learning experience and back to the drawing board they return.

Once you do find the right woman, the expenditures just begin. You will need to fly out to visit you beloved to keep the spark and relationship alive. Trips back to her country or vacations somewhere in between to keep the interest and romance going is necessary. All this ads up, but can be quite exhilarating. You will experience many ups and downs during this time. It can certainly be a bit like a roller coaster.

Then you have the VISA expense. Medical tests, police records, government fees, they all begin to add up. Plane trip for her arrival and last minute expenses in her home country. Help for her family


What do Russian Mail Order Brides Cost Once They Arrive?


Once your Russian other half arrives in country the expenses continue. You will need to work towards her green card and citizenship if you live in the United States, and similar processes in other countries. Fees for these can add up and take up some time. You may need time off from work to drive her to get all this accomplished.

Many times she will arrive with little clothing and makeup. The cost to ship over her items usually outweighs what the value is. So you will  need to take her shopping for new clothing and personal items. Russian women tend to spend a decent amount on makeup and beauty products, so you may be in for a shock!

You will need to add your wife to your health insurance plan and in many cases teach her to drive. The added cost of an additional vehicle is likely as well as another driver on your car insurance policy.

So there you have the simple version of increased expenditures on what a Russian mail order brides costs may be. If that has not yet scared you, good. Now the adventure begins.


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