Russian women

Why are Russian women so hot?

Let’s be honest. Russian women are about the hottest thing on the planet.

Don’t try to downplay it. You know exactly what I am talking about if you live in an area with a Russian population. Go out to a nightclub in Miami or New York and tell me that tall thin blonde with high cheekbones strutting around in high heels is not the hottest girl in the club.

Russian women are generally pretty thin and tend to watch their weight and shape. Part of it may be vanity, and part of it stems from the former Soviet days where women had to compete a bit more fiercely for the available men. Those days are generally over, but Russian women still embrace their femininity and like to make sure they look good.

When my wife first arrived here in the US she would not leave the house without fully done makeup and high heels. That is just how the hotties roll over in the FSU.  My wife has since started to dress more casually as we live near the beach here, but she still likes to dress up and look good when we go out.

So, what do you think? Why are Russian women so hot?








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