Russian women dark clothes

Why do Russian Women Always Wear Dark Clothing?

Many guys always ask me if Russian women really wore dark clothes all the time. It seems to be a common thought of women from the far East. Cold, dreary weather and long black coats and tall boots.

Here is my opinion. In the early, mid-90’s you saw a LOT of people wearing black. Their are still a lot of people who wear black today, mostly men, but not as high a percentage as in the past. As Western influence has effected a lot of areas of the old FSU, more colorful clothes as emerged, especially among Russian women. It started with the more fashion minded Russian ladies and men slowly also began to adapt to color in their wardrobes.

Why do they wear Black, because it’s fashionable. Look at the French and Italians, or for that matter any heavier person, even the celebs. Black actually tends to hide your weight problem.¬†They tend to wear an awful lot of black clothing.


Dark clothing for Russian ladies has always been the norm but it is slowly changing like everything else.


For those who say that men and women in general do not wear dark colored clothes anymore, I beg to differ. Many Russian women still tend to dress in darker colors, especially in the winter season. It is the norm.


What Should You Wear while in Russia?

If you do not want to stand out, and want to blend in I suggest you wear dark colored clothes. More guys will wear dark colored clothes in Russia. I tend to want to blend in when traveling. I would suggest it is safer to blend in as well, as opposed to wearing colorful clothing and sticking out like a sore thumb. Now if you are going out to the local nightclub maybe you want to stick out. Just be sure not to walk home alone drunk late at night. Just like anywhere else in the World.

While walking around during the day dark clothing seems to be the norm. Especially in the winter for most of Europe.






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