Russian girl

Top five destinations to take a Russian girl

So, you met a hot Russian girl and you want to impress her?

1.  Turkey. For us in the West a country like Turkey sounds like a remote and  obscure destination. But for a Russian girl it is a common lace her girlfriends take off to on a vacation.  Turkey is just a short hop away and a popular destination for many in Eastern Europe.  Although the wow factor may not be there, but it is an excellent option with lots to see and do. The beaches, markets and history make it an amazing trip. And Turkey is relatively affordable as a vacation.

2.  The Dominican Republic. To a Russian girl the Dominican Republic is somewhere far away, new and exotic. New sights, sounds, languages, and things to see and try. If she does not have a Schengen VISA then she can fly through Paris on a transit VISA direct to Punta Cana, DR and off to one of the numerous all inclusive resorts that line the sun kissed beaches you go.

3. Thailand is a popular destination for many Russians due to it’s proximity and tropical weather. Flights are relatively inexpensive in that part of the world so it is frequented by Russian girls. With so many things to see and do you cannot go wrong taking your Russian girl to Thailand. The beaches, temples, elephant rides, food, and numerous exotic experiences make for an unforgettable trip.

4. Paris, France. What woman would not love a trip to Paris? The city of love, the romance, and the…! Make sure to take your credit card with you cause these girls could drain your account shopping in Paris. But so worth it to walk hand in hand down a street in Paris and stopping into a cafe for a latte with your beloved?

5. A trip to the Maldives is the ultimate luxury destination for a Russian girl. You spring for tickets to the Maldives and you are in like Flynn. It is the dream vacation for Russians with it’s crystal blue waters and high end resorts and bungalows set in an idyllic and remote location. This is the the trip of a lifetime for a Russian girl and should be pull this one off she is yours.

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