Ukrainian babes

Ukrainian babes are about the hottest thing in the world

Initially I had no idea how hot Ukrainian babes were. To be honest I did not even know they existed. As an American I did not even know the difference between Ukrainian and Russian women.

My first trip over to Odessa, Ukraine and my eyes were opened as to what I had been missing the entire time.

I had no idea how beautiful and warm the women were in that part of the world. As I walked downtown I could not help but notice all the tall beautiful women strutting down the cobblestone streets, their high heels clicking away as they cleverly dodged holes in the road.

As I ducked into one of many lounges that are popular in the city for a quick bite to eat I had to smile as I looked around at the well dressed Ukrainian babes. All were very stylish and quite elegant looking, something my American eyes were unaccustomed to.

Since then my life was never the same…







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