Ukrainian girls

Ukrainian Girls Love Shashlik!


One of the biggest surprises I had when speaking to my wife was that Ukrainian girls love shashlik. I always thought BBQ or shashlik was a very American thing.

I could not be more wrong!

Shashlik apparently is a big deal in Russia and Ukraine as well. Many times it is prepared on skewers like kabobs and marinated with a dry rub or a sauce. The rubs and sauces will vary depending on family recipe or nationality. Georgian spices are known to have a bit more kick and are quite good I must say.

Shashlik was originally lamb but these days pork is commonly used and just like here in the US any type of meat is fair game. Meat is normally cubed then skewered and placed over a low bed of coals.Vegetables can be placed on the skewers as well. Onions, peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms are all quite commonly used.

It is then grilled to perfection and washed down with piva (beer) or vodka. Sometimes home made wine can be used as well. Many homes in Ukraine will have grapevines in the yards for this very purpose.

My wife would share photos of her and other Ukrainian girls preparing shashlik in the backyard and having a nice cookout just as we do here in the US. She was not too unhappy when she realized how much I like to grill here as well.

That may have been the deciding factor in her finally agreeing to marry me in fact. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it in any case.

Ukrainian girls will and invite their friends over and make tasty side dishes to accompany the shashlik. Summer salads are normally prepared made from different ingredients. Cabbage is a common ingredient in many and dill is a requirement for most. Salad olivie is very similar to our American potato salad and also a popular dish at gatherings.

Turns out there is much more in common with the two cultures as my wife and I found out. Shashlik outings are a common occurrence in our day to day life and we would not have it any other way.


Popkas and Shashlik

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