epic butts

Ukrainian woman have epic butts

Take a trip over to Kiev or Odessa and you will see the most epic butts on the planet.

I challenge you to try and prove me otherwise.

There is just no comparison to the posteriors found on Ukrainian women. And to top it all off they wear high heels and short miniskirts to further accentuate their delicate rear. Many spend a great deal of time walking around which helps them maintain their slim figures while keeping their popkas in top shape. The long nights spent dancing in the clubs with their ultra hot girlfriends do not hurt either.

My trip over to Ukraine one summer I was graced with the most epic butts I had ever seen. I was down on the beaches of beautiful Odessa and the women that lay out were beyond stunning. The girls lay on the sun beds in skimpy bikinis tanning and soaking up the last of the summer warmth.

Epic butts were to be seen everywhere.

In the summers Odessa’s population practically doubles due to it’s location on the Black Sea and notoriety as a resort city. It swells to around two million people seeking some sun and relaxation on it’s shores. Vendors walk up and down the beaches selling aged fish and beer. Couples stroll hand in hand and the cafes are buzzing with activity.  If you ever have the chance to visit this beautiful and often unknown destination for us Westerners I strongly suggest it. There is much to see and do and not sure if I mentioned it before, but the women have epic butts.

Popkas and Shashlik

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