dating a Russian woman

What is dating a Russian woman like?

My friends always as me what dating a Russian woman is like. Well, it is like dating any other woman, yet, more intense in some ways….

Russian woman are very passionate, which can be both a good and a bad thing. At least they chase you with a frying pan instead of a knife like Lorena Bobbit though.

Dating a Russian woman is like riding a roller coaster with highs so high that they reach towards the sky. More than you could ever imagine. Relationships can be very intense and fiery at times, and yes, they keep you on your toes. Add frustrations and fiery personas to go along with that. Russian women make you feel alive. There is no way around that when you are dating a Russian woman.



I will leave you with a video of Russian girls and their popkas by one of my favorite artists. His mix of music and stunning visual imagery with the Russian girls is superb.




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