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Which is the True City of Brides in the Former Soviet Union?

The “City of Brides” famed for an overabundance of slim beautiful women is like El Dorado for men seeking their other half. A magical place where women walk in short skirts and high heels and the ration of men to women run astronomically high.  During the Soviet times Ivanovo in Russia was originally known as the city of brides.

“Ivanovo Oblast has long had the most distorted gender distribution anywhere in Russia: 1247 women per 1000 men. But this figure is, in fact, not hugely divergent from the national average. Therefore, the situation is not as tragic as it seems, and weddings in the city of brides occur just as frequently as anywhere else. Well, almost.”

Ivanovo had a disproportionate number of women in Soviet times because the city, not the oblast, was the centre of the textile industry in the USSR. Textiles was a highly developed industry, located around Moscow, before the Revolution, and that continued in the region after 1917. Women flocked to the city to work in the factories.

In Ukraine I am told there was no “City of Brides” during the Soviet era. The post Soviet designation is mostly marketing for the many mail order bride agencies that exist. Several cities in Ukraine have adopted the nickname in an attempt to gain their market share of foreigners searching for beautiful and intelligent Ukrainian women.

Cities in Ukraine were known for certain things. Ivano Frankvisk was known as the place where people still spoke Ukrainian. Ternopil was known as the “sugar beet capital” of Ukraine. And Chernivtsi is famed for its musicians.

Cherkassy is one such city known as the ‘City of Brides’. It is located a couple of hundred kms. south of Kyiv on the Dniepr River. There are still a large percentage of beautiful ladies there. Cherkassy is also the historical Cossack capital.

Nikolaev lays claims to The City of Brides” moniker as does nearby the nearby city of Kherson.

Poltava is another Ukrainian city that calls itself “The City of Brides” as well in various travel literature. I am assuming trying to get tourists to come visit Poltava.

But the primary city in Ukraine for mail order bride agencies would most likely be Odessa, on the shores of the Black Sea. Go visit for yourself to see why.




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