russian hot girl

Why a Russian hot girl you ask?

I’ll tell you why a Russian hot girl. And I will be completely honest about it.

I am sure I will ruffle some feathers…but I tell it how it is.

Personally I find Russian women irresistible and get weak in the knees at the very thought or sight of them.

So I am quite biased. I’ll just toss that out there.

But a Russian hot girl is just superior to many other women and you cannot change my mind at this point. Of course a woman’s looks are a very personal preference so if tall, thin women with delicate features are not your thing, then I completely understand and no hard feelings.

For me it is a no brainer though. I love the slender delicate features that Russian women have. They are very feminine and always appear to be such graceful creatures. The high Slavic cheekbones and stunning blue eyes that so many Russian women have just add to their beauty. The long legged beauties that can be seen walking down the streets in Russia and Ukraine confirm my belief that they are among the most beautiful women on the planet.















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