Russian girls

Why are Russian girls so hot?

The notion that Russian girls are extremely hot is not so far from the truth really. Just take a leisurely walk through any of the Russian or Ukrainian cities like Moscow, Kiev, or Odessa, and you can see for yourself. The average Russian girls are at least usually cute while many are scolding hot on the scale. Many will even look like supermodels in their high heels and short skirts walking down the streets. Now you may encounter women of similar looks in certain cities like Los Angeles or Miami (and even then they may be Russian!) but the numbers are much lower proportionately.

If you are a Caucasian male looking for the same the chances are that you will be extremely attracted to Slavic women. Sure, certain other nations like Sweden and Denmark also top the list, but as far as sheer numbers it is hard to beat Russia and Ukraine in this arena.


So what makes Russian girls so hot?


How do you explain the Russian girls beautiful looks? To start with Eastern Europe, and Ukraine particularly, was always very violent. However could it have been very so by medieval standards? Following the Viking period and Danelaw areas like Scandinavia were very peaceful. The Scandinavian women are believed very beautiful and desirable as well.

Maybe Slavic and Eastern European women women just dress better and take more effort to look more feminine? That’s certainly true from my observations, but even if other women began to mimic Russian girls taste in clothing and style they would still not be as beautiful in my opinion. Eastern Russia and Ukraine were at one point conquered over and over by numerous tribes and civilizations, bringing new genetics in to the population. The high cheekbones, fair skin, delicate body structure, all scream feminine. And in the end I believe this is what men in their primal state seek.


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